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Thinker: Backflow Incense Fountain

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Strands of aromatic incense smoke fall like thoughtful introspection to gather in the lap of the thinker. Light up an incense cone and join in the calm, peaceful atmosphere the thinker creates. When not in use, this beautiful sculptural piece will add an artistic personal touch to any space, and works wonderfully as a conversation starter.

The baseplate helps to collect the smoke in a pool and shield any surfaces from the smoke, which may cause discoloration on your table after daily, consistent use. You can definitely buy the figure alone, in which case I will include a small cardstock base for you to set the figure on.
My incense fountains use downward flowing smoke from backflow incense cones to create a mesmerizing effect. Each piece comes with two free backflow incense cones and removable headpiece. Each one is hand crafted and one of a kind. See this one in action by following the links below.
check out my shop to add extra cones!
SIZE: approximately six inches tall
Backflow incense is a new and increasingly popular type of incense, and you can find all kinds of burners and cones online. My shop offers a superior product for both burners and cones.
The photos and video speak for themselves; the novel design of the headpiece creates cascading streams of smoke that weave and trace the human figure in a way you won’t find anywhere else. The incense cone holder is removable for improved flow, and can be stowed in the figures's lap when not in use.
Some backflow incense cones available elsewhere work well to produce the downward flowing smoke, but are lacking in terms of aroma, being cheaply made with synthetic materials. That is why I make and sell my own backflow cones. I grind and cast my incense from high quality ingredients to produce a striking visual and an aromatic experience. Each piece comes with two free backflow incense cones, and more can be bought in my store or online simply by searching for "backflow incense cones". Watch out for low quality cones online though!

I paint these with a base coat of black, and then add splashes of color on top. Each piece is painted individually and is therefore slightly different. You can choose a specific secondary color focus, or opt to let me choose. You can also have me leave it a matte black, and paint your own using oil or acrylic paints.

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